High Fashion Leather Louis Vuitton Belt for men

At some point we all need a belt right? and we need to buy one or two, why waste money on a regular belt while you can get this high fashion genuine leather LV black belt for men finished with a colorful LV logo, great design and it's made from high-quality material. Don't miss the chance of getting one for yourself and for your beloved ones.

  • length : 95-120cm
  • wide: 3.8cm
  • material: genuine leather

The product is 100% as described and made with high-quality materials

The LV monogram belt is available, which possesses a 95-100cm length and a width of 3.8 cm. this monogram belt is made of genuine leather. This product is precisely what has been described and is made with high-quality materials. One must buy this genuine leather LV belt for men finished with a colorful LV logo in it