Leather Louis Vuitton And Gucci Airpods Generation 3 Case

Leather Airpods Case

Apple Air Pods are a thing of beauty. Not only have they been an incredible invention in the field of Bluetooth earpieces, but their aesthetic design has inspired other brands to follow suit, with many of them straight up copying the Apple AirPods design. But if there is one criticism that can be labeled at Apple AirPods, then it would be the lack of color variants that one can opt for.

While there is nothing wrong with the standard white AirPods, they could become boring to look at after a while. And this is where HypedEffect comes into handy. We offer GG and LV leather AirPods cases Generation 3 that one can take advantage of and customize their Apple AirPods. These LV AirPods cases Gen3 would easily allow one to distinguish their Apple Air Pods from every other, but additionally, these LV Airpod case 3th Gen looks marvelous as well.

Available in several color variants, these LV AirPods cases would easily allow you to customize your Apple AirPods according to your taste. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these Airpods 3 Cases by LV And GG today!