SMARTphone Cleaner

How recently did you clean your phone? Your phone probably has more different kinds of bacteria than the typical toilet seat! The fact that a toilet seat is cleaned more frequently than a phone is more unexpected. People touch their phones more than 1000 times every day on average, which is more than enough time for bacteria to spread from one person to another. Fecal matter can be found on 1 out of every 6 phones, according to a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The viruses on your phone are literally everywhere.

Fonally offers a straightforward yet brilliant solution: a smartphone cleaner that gently cleans your phone while providing you with peace of mind.

ALCOHOL-FREE SOLUTION: Many cleaning agents and wipes containing alcohol may harm your phone's screen. Instead, we utilize a gentle cleaning chemical that has been specially designed and is completely safe to use on any screen (tablet, computer, TV etc). It is gentle on glass but resistant to stains, grease, dirt, and fingerprints. Additionally, using this cleaner on phone cases, toughened glass, and screen protectors is completely safe.

EMBEDDED CLOTH: A specifically textured cloth that is wrapped around this cleaner effectively removes the solution and any lingering decontaminants without leaving any trace.

The bottle can be removed from the compartment and filled with any other solution of your choice. MULTIPURPOSE REFILLABLE BOTTLE. Before reusing the bottle, we advise giving it a thorough cleaning.

CONVENIENT & PRACTICAL: Clever design that you can carry in your pocket or backpack. You may refill it with your preferred facial mist, oil, or perfume and take it anywhere.