AirPods Max Headband and Earcup Protective Shells

A new pair of AirPods Max? Do you need some customization? Check out these colorful protective shells for the headband and earcups.

  • Pick from five lovely colors.
  • Combine and contrast by purchasing more than one variety
  • easy access to the controls and the port
  • Does not impair the ability to use wireless charging, and fits comfortably within the original AirPods "purse" case.
  • Every time you touch, experience the smoothness.
  • makes your AirPods Max dust-proof, slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and fingerprint-resistant.
  • molded in one piece to ensure a flawless fit during construction.
  • Durable, portable, and light

    What's Included:

    • 2 earcups and 1 headband
    • AirPods Max are not included